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Ceramic Media

High-quality functioning of ceramic media within your Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer is essential for its consistence performance. There are several ceramic media product variations that can provide long-lasting heat retention, transfer, and exchange for your system. These include: ceramic standard random packed saddles, ceramic super saddles, and structured ceramic media.

The experts within our technical department at Pollution Systems can help you evaluate which option will be the most appropriate for your specific application. By maintaining on-hand inventory in our Houston, TX facility, we are able to rapidly respond and fulfill your RTO ceramic media needs, while other suppliers may have lead times in excess of 12 weeks.

Over time, as ceramic media becomes plugged or damaged, bake-outs no longer return the Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) media to effective performance levels.  As a result, the ceramic media must be replaced in order to restore full flow rate capacity and utilization of the designed RTO.  Pollution Systems offers high quality replacement ceramic media.

We offer the following ceramic media:

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