NOx Abatement

Significant regulatory pressure is driving many industries to turn their focus towards NOx emission control.  Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology is demonstrated to be one of the most effective approaches to treating NOx in gas streams with up to 99% emission reduction.  Ammonia is injected into the gas stream and reacts with NOx to produce Nitrogen and Water Vapor.  The presence of catalyst allows higher conversion of the NOx at lower temperatures.  Catalysts are meticulously engineered to efficiently minimize consumption of ammonia and precisely target NOx.

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DeNox Abatement process

These catalytic systems have been successfully implemented in a wide range of different industries and applications including Chemical Facilities, Petrochemical Operations, Coal and Gas Fired Boilers, Biomass Fired Boilers, Oil Refineries, and Waste Incinerators. 

Pollution Systems’ experienced technical sales representatives work closely with each customer to fully understand their process conditions, and determine the most effective treatment method.  Each of our systems includes a written performance guarantee and warranty that supports our commitment to success. 

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