Thermal Oxidizers

thermal oxidizerAir pollution control using a thermal oxidizer, also referenced to as a fume incinerator, is appropriate in many process applications including processes where particulates may be present or have higher concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). Pollutants like VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, are emission issues that must be treated before being released to the earth’s atmosphere. Pollution Systems is here to help with all of your thermal oxidizer needs. 

What is a thermal oxidizer?

Thermal Oxidations can be simply broken down to a burner in a box. We heat up the VOC’s to a set point temperature, and oxidize or burn them. We are breaking down the VOC’s to CO2 and water. Things that are acceptable going out the stack. Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers incorporate a heat exchanger with a combustion chamber and can handle a wide range of process flow rates and VOC concentrations. The heat exchangeris used to preheat the VOC laden air prior to entering the combustion chamber to reduce operating cost. Destruction efficiency is typically in excess of 99%.

Types of Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizers Built For Your Application

Pollution Systems is a leading thermal oxidizer manufacturer. We can provide you with a new thermal oxidizer system that is specifically designed for your process application. Careful consideration is given to combine high quality designs and construction while focusing on reliability and ease of operation. Depending on your unique process requirements, custom energy saving options may also be available. Energy saving options may include the use of preheated combustion air, a secondary heat exchanger and sophisticated burner controls. Pollution System Solutions will work closely with you to understand the trade-offs between the initial capital investment and the expected operating costs.

Some of the more common industrial applications include Corn Processing Facilities, Fiberglass & Composite Industries, Printing, Beverage Can Mfg, Process Coating and Laminating, Chemical Processes, Polystyrene Foam Mfg, Metal Finishing Operations. For an accurate estimate on the installation time for a system in your specific industry, use our Project TimeFramer, which allows you to input certain variables to generate your needed start date or estimate when your project will be completed.  

Thermal Oxidizer Services

If you already have an oxidizer but are just looking to get it serviced, Pollution Systems can help.  Our team can visit your site to determine what thermal oxidizer services you need. Pollution Systems serves the greater Houston area and beyond and has the expertise to help you with all your fume incinerator needs.

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