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How Our Vapor Control Technology Works

Thermal Oxidizers, also known as Fume Incinerators,  are used to clean gas vapor as it is forced out of the storage tank or pipeline during cleaning, filling or normal operations.  Using heat, the oxidizers remove the VOCs present in the vapor.  This control solution is effective for vapors containing high concentrations of VOCs, and can achieve destruction efficiency in excess of 99%. Alternatively, Enclosed Flares are used to handle high-VOC streams, and are designed to accommodate discharge streams with excess air for combustion.

Our oxidizers are designed to work for your specific application and guarantee:

  • Safety – Obtain peace of mind with our NFPA-compliant systems, which can be optimized with increased integrations to operate within the safest parameters
  • Reliability – Our oxidizers guarantee the necessary  Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) at every job, every time for your regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Mobility – Our systems are designed for fast and easy mobility onsite, occupying minimal area footprint
  • High Capacity – Complete more jobs in less time using our modern systems that can handle larger flows and loading for higher DREs
  • Ease of Use – Automated controls for efficient operation requires minimal training and less man-power for effective use

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