Ammonia Scrubbers

Manufacturers in the chemical industry are required by law to reduce or eliminate their ammonia gas emissions.  Turn to Pollution Systems for reliable, top-quality ammonia scrubbers that will provide outstanding performance with minimal maintenance.

Ammonia Scrubber

Ammonia Scrubber Systems

Wet scrubbers remove pollutants by injecting liquid into the gas stream.  In scrubbers that are designed to remove particulates (such as dust scrubbers ), the particulate is captured by the water droplets before it is discharged through the exhaust stack.  Chemical scrubbers are different; the liquid in question causes a chemical reaction that strips the chemical pollutant out of the waste stream. 

What is an ammonia scrubber?

In the case of ammonia scrubbers, dilute sulfuric acid is typically used to neutralize the ammonia.  The resulting byproduct, a form of salt, is collected and removed through the wastewater blowdown, as the treated air stream is exhausted through the stack. 

Efficiency is critical for ammonia scrubbers.  Due to its toxicity, ammonia gas is a regulated compound that needs to be treated below established limits before it is released into the atmosphere.    

For ammonia scrubbers to work properly, they must fit the application at hand.  A number of variables can be involved, including:

  • The presence of other chemicals or particulates in the exhaust stream
  • The temperature and flow rate of the waste stream
  • The initial concentration of the ammonia in the waste stream

Pollution Systems is here to help with any of your ammonia scrubber needs. Check out our system cut sheet on the CS-35 Ammonia Scrubber here.


Custom Ammonia Scrubbers

Ammonia Scrubber System

Pollution Systems is a leading custom manufacturer specializing in packed column, wet ammonia scrubbers.  Our experienced design team is focused on developing a solution to fit your precise need and circumstances. 

We design and manufacture complete wet ammonia scrubber systems, including all necessary equipment such as system fans, pumps, exhaust stack, and instrumentation & controls.  We will design a custom wet ammonia scrubber to match your precise application and process. Our custom-built systems will provide you with outstanding, long-term performance and low maintenance requirements.

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