Catalytic Oxidizers

Catalytic Oxidizers are a good control option in applications that have consistent Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). By using a catalyst bed in the air treatment equipment, oxidation is accomplished at much lower temperatures compared to thermal oxidation. A Catalytic Oxidizer operating 370 to 480 °C (700 to 900 °F) range can achieve the same efficiency as a Thermal Oxidizer operating between 700 and 820 °C  (1300 and 1500 °F)  which  can  result  in fuel  savings of 40 - 60%.  For ev-en more favorable operating expenses, a Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer incorporates a heat exchanger that recovers the process heat for additional use within the system. This unit is ideal for process applications where particulates and poisons are not present.

For detailed information on our Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer, view our cut sheet below:

             *  RCO-22 Cut Sheet

Likewise, facilities that have special requirements can consider using an Electric Catalytic Oxidizer since this system is powered by electric heaters and offers an alternative to natural gas.


When to use a Catalytic Oxidizer?

A Catalytic Oxidizer may not be appropriate for treating air which contains particulates as they may coat the surface of the catalyst in effect masking it and preventing the VOCs from chemically reacting. Certain materials may chemically react with the components contained in the catalyst. This reaction can consume the active sites and permanently damage the catalyst. Some of the more common industrial applications include Painting & Printing Operations, Coating and Laminating.  Take a look at Pollution Systems' Thermal Oxidizers if you think that a Catalytic Oxidizer isn't what you're looking for.

Pollution Systems can evaluate your control requirements and if appropriate provide you with a new Catalytic Oxidizer specifically designed for your process application. The systems we offer combine high quality designs and construction while focusing on reliability and ease of operation, without disregarding your timing requirements.


Catalytics Oxidizers

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