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Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing Plant

Manufacturing and processing chemicals generate exhaust streams laden with potentially harmful chemical and gas residue. Chemical ScrubbersEnclosed Thermal Flares and Thermal Oxidizers are used to treat the residue from the exhaust.  Pollution Systems has a full line of scrubbers,  oxidizers and flares designed to collect and abate the targeted emission in the chemical process stream. 



Chemical Processing Plant

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 Types of Chemical Air Control Systems 


  • Chemical/Gas Scrubbers are effective for treating and removing chemical residue in exhaust vapors.  The scrubbers inject cleaning liquids into the scrubber and countercurrently pass the exhaust vapor through the scrubber.  Required contact time between the vapor and cleaning fluid is based on the chemical, its concentration in the vapor and the required removal efficiency. Typically, acidic solutions are used to interact with basic contaminants and basic solutions are used to interact with acidic contaminants.  Salts are produced and stay with the liquid stream.  Contact time is managed to provide sufficient time for the chemicals to react with the cleaning liquid and to drop out of the vapor. With destruction rates over 99%, these scrubbers produce clean exhaust for release into the atmosphere.



  • High-VOC Thermal Oxidizers are used to clean emission streams that have high energy content. These oxidizers are able to use the process discharge stream as fuel and significantly reduce the amount of energy required to operate the equipment.


  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers are effective for treating chemical residue that contains lower concentrations of VOCs and higher flow rates.  Ceramic media is used to capture and store heat from combustion and subsequently release the heat to pre-heat the incoming process exhaust. 



Scrubber and Oxidizer Systems Tailored to Achieve YOUR Goals

Pollution Systems’ custom designs can provide you with the Chemical ScrubberRecuperative Thermal OxidizerHigh-VOC OxidizerRegenerative Thermal Oxidizer, or Catalytic Oxidizer to meet the specifications of your Chemical Processing application.  Our expert engineering team has the skill and experience to design and manufacture an air control system with modern, Automated System Controls that will be the most efficient, reliable, cost-effective solution for your Chemical Processing operation.


Buying equipment from Pollution Systems is only the beginning, not the end. We design and build the systems and provide technical support throughout the life of the equipment. We also offer short, medium and long-term Rentals of our Thermal Oxidizers for industrial processing during the installation of new equipment, for extra waste processing during remediation, or for running pilot studies prior to purchase.

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