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Chlorine Scrubbers

Chlorine Scrubber for HCL and SOX Abatement at Oil Recycling Facility-during install

Chlorine is a frequent by-product of many chemical reactions. However, manu-facturers are required by law to reduce or eliminate emissions of this poisonous gas.  Turn to Pollution Systems for a high-quality Chlorine Scrubber built to fit your requirements. 


Chlorine Scrubber- Installation 


Chlorine Scrubber System

Wet Scrubbers remove pollutants by injecting liquid into the gas stream.  For particulate systems such as Dust Scrubbers, the particulates are caught by water droplets as it enters the waste stream.  In the case of Chemical Scrubbers, the liquid injected reacts chemically with the gas pollutant to strip it out of the waste stream.

Efficiency is critical for Chlorine Scrubbers.  Chlorine gas is highly toxic. Wet Chlorine Scrubbers may utilize a multi-stage removal approach depending on the initial pollutant loading. Some form of an alkaline liquid solution, such as soda ash or caustic, is generally used as a neutralizing agent.

Close-up: Chlorine Scrubber System

Removal efficiencies of the chlorine pollutant are controlled by a number of variables, including the design of the scrubber system, the concentration and amount of liquid recirculated and the process conditions such as temperature and flow rate. 

 For Chlorine Scrubbers to work best, they must fit the application at hand.  A manufacturing process that gives off chlorine gas may have other variables at play, including temperature, chlorine concentration and the presence of other particulates or other chemical constituents. 


Close-up: Chlorine Scrubber System




Our Wet Chlorine Scrubbers represent a full solution and include all necessary equipment such as:


  • System fans                                                        •  Exhaust stack                
  • Pumps                                                                 •  System Automation
  • Mist eliminators


Chlorine Scrubbers Tailored to Achieve YOUR Goals

Pollution Systems is a leading custom manufacturer specializing in Packed Column Wet Chlorine Scrubber systems.  Our experienced designers are committed to developing Wet Chlorine Scrubber systems to fit your precise application and processes and provide you with a long-term solution with minimal maintenance needs. Contact us to discuss Chlorine Scrubbers and whether they would be the best system for what you need. 

No matter how unique your specific challenge may be, Pollution Systems can design and manufacture a durable, long-lasting Wet Chlorine Scrubber system that will provide you with outstanding performance with low maintenance requirements.


Chlorine Scrubber Repairs

What if you operate an existing Chlorine Scrubber and need technical-service assistance? We have you covered on that front as well. Our dedicated technical services division, PolSys Services, provides Chlorine Scrubber repair support for any make and model of system.


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