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These 4 Events Could break Next Year's OP Budget

With the next-year-budgeting season upon us, it is important to remember that planned changes can easily cause unplanned capital expenditures if you forget to consider how these programmed modifications will affect all aspects of your operation. Below are common operation changes that often overshadow possible impacts on air pollution control equipment and/or requirements:

  1. Production Increase is a sign that business is booming. But if your existing control device isn't equipped for larger loading, your production (as well as your reliability), will be at risk.
  2. New Processes are exciting but also tricky. Make sure you've conducted pilot tests to gauge if existing equipment will suffice, or if you should consult a new solution.
  3. Site Upgrades are important to ensure that your production site runs as efficiently as possible. If upgrades are being conducted, consider optimizing or replacing dated systems so that your entire operation improves.
  4. Changes in Regulation can cause unforeseen trouble in an otherwise stable operation. Stay on top of applicable regulations so you aren't caught off guard or scrambling for funds, should you suddenly be in violation.

Still unsure if or how your planned changes for 2018 will affect your existing air pollution equipment? Contact us for help in determining what you should prepare for.

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