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Covid-19 Shows Urgency for Air Pollution Control

A recent article published by AccuWeather highlights interesting data from a study regarding the coronavirus and air quality.  This study of COVID-19 hospitalizations has exposed the fact that a significantly higher percentage of COVID-19 patients across the world live in communities that are in close proximity to facilities that emit harmful particulates and toxins into the air, as opposed to non-industrial, densely-populated areas.


In the US, reports indicate that COVID-19 disproportionately affects minorities; however, it is not a coincidence that the areas around industrial facilities usually tend to be low-income communities comprised of a higher minority population living with multi-generational family members.


People living in areas with highly-polluted air that contains harmful particulates and toxins are found to have greater rates of heart disease, respiratory illnesses, cancer, and other health conditions.  Since the start of the pandemic, it has become clear that underlying health conditions like these exacerbate COVID-19 symptoms and dramatically increase mortality rates from the virus. Polluted air may also potentially heighten the risk of catching COVID-19, as it has been found that some air-borne viral infections increase in the presence of particulates which can stay suspended longer, travel farther, and are inhaled deeper into the lungs.


Now more than ever, it is evident that the effects of air pollution go beyond just being an environmental issue. Companies that install or upgrade to appropriate air control systems greatly reduce their toxic air emissions and, by doing so, protect their employees and their communities from harm. This, in turn, also reduces the risks affiliated with exposure to pollutants that could affect them indirectly.


Pollution Systems is dedicated to helping industries coexist with the community and environment by providing highly-effective air control equipment that lets them produce responsibly. It is our duty to help essential industries continue to serve their communities and protect them as much as possible in the process.



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