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We Are Here For You During This COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Our nation and the entire world is currently living through uncertain and trying times with the devastating spread of the coronavirus.


Now more than ever, it is crucial that we help one another however possible in our personal lives, as well as in business. That is why we at Pollution Systems are dedicated to continuing operations amidst our new abnormal environment. We have made logistical changes to ensure the health and safety of our employees and our commitment to Industry remains the same. As integral supporters of essential industries nationwide, we are open and available to help our clients, potential customers, and the general public in any way possible.


While our current climate may be one of uncertainty, it may also present opportunities for some companies to get ahead of specific projects, including the procurement of air pollution control systems. We are ready to provide any and every support needed towards the planning of these projects as well as others needed. Our commitment to helping businesses reduce their harmful effects on the environment stands in and out of difficult times.


We are closely monitoring and evaluating the continuously evolving landscape of the coronavirus and we’re following guidance from public health officials and government agencies to inform our important decisions. Rest assured, we continue to keep the safety of our clients and our staff at the heart of every decision we make.

As we watch what it takes to combat this pandemic, we are reminded that resilient partnerships and a united community can persevere against the strongest threat. We will all get through this and we will do so together. Please contact us at 713-574-6661 or at sales@pollutionsystems.com if you have any questions for us or if we can help your business in any way.


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You can also call us at 713-574-6661 or email us at sales@pollutionsystems.com