Electric Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer

Electric Catalytic Oxidizer

The Electric Recuperative Cata-lytic Oxidizer (ERCO) is the an-swer for operators with a very specific process and preference. Adhering to the parameters that dictate the use of a Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer, the chief dis-tinction of an ERCO is the use of electric heaters instead of ones that use natural gas as their energy source. Although oxidizers typically use propane and natural gas to operate, an oxidizer can also faultlessly function by using electricity.  

Electric Recuperative Cat-Ox after assembly


For facilities where natural gas is not readily available or for those that prefer the power of electricity, the ERCO may  be a  fitting solution. In addition to the advantages that come with using a Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer, a benefit of  this  system is that the formation of NOx and CO is significantly reduced. These compounds typically form in gas-burning systems, but since natural gas is eliminated from the process when using an ERCO, these are of no concern.


View our product cut sheet for an Electric Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer below:

 Electric Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer, Model RCO-1E


The design of the compact ERCO also makes it an attractive option for operators that want a system that’s easy-to-maintain (in terms of dollars and people), and easily accessible. Optimally designed for facilities that see a lot of foot traffic, this fully enclosed system doesn’t occupy a lot of space and seamlessly blends into its' setting.

Your operating preferences must be considered when locating a solution to your air pollution problem. Contact us for more information on our Catalytic Oxidizers and to discuss the factors that are important to you.  

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