Food Processing Pollution Systems

The exhaust streams from food processing cookers can be laden with particulate ranging from grease to flour dust.  In addition, the exhaust can be odorous, requiring removal of both the particulate and the odor from the exhaust stream.  Pollution Systems provides the technology to control both the particulate pollution and the odor generated during processing.

Food Industry Pollution Systems

Particulate/Venturi scrubbers are used to remove particulate from the exhaust stream of the cookers and ovens used during food processing.  The particulate is captured in liquid droplets, which are then separated from the gas exhaust stream.  With collection efficiencies in excess of 99%, a clean exhaust stream is released into the atmosphere.

Thermal oxidizers use combustion to destroy pollutants from the exhaust stream.  They can achieve over 99% destruction rates. Recuperative oxidizers are used to treat Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in processes that contain a high level of particulates.  They provide low maintenance, energy-efficient dust and odor control for food processing exhaust streams.  Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO’s) are used for processes that generate lower VOC and have lower particulate emissions.   They are energy efficient, and provide low-maintenance operation.  Catalytic oxidizers are used for air streams with low, stable VOC levels and do not contain catalyst poisons. 

Heat recovery systems can be integrated with Pollution Systems’ thermal oxidizers to lower operating costs for food processing operations.  Heat exchangers capture heat from the air exhaust and convert it to energy to preheat the air for dryers and the oxidizer, substantially reducing energy costs for running the equipment.

Pollution Systems offers a line of ceramic media that provide reduced pressure drop and is resistant to plugging.  We offer turn-key solutions to replace the media in your existing RTO.  Our crews remove the existing media, effect equipment repairs, replace the media with new material, clean the site and bring the equipment back on-line with minimal downtime.

Pollution Systems provides full maintenance and repair services for your air pollution systems.  Our repair and maintenance services are available 24/7.   We offer rentals of our thermal oxidizers for emergencies or planned plant outages.

Our design staff will work with you to provide you with a particulate scrubber, thermal oxidizer and heat recovery system to meet the operational requirements of your food processing application.  We have designed, manufactured and installed pollution and odor control systems for food processors ranging from sausage manufacturers to coffee roasters to bakers, and have the skills and experience to design an efficient, cost-effective solution for your application. 

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