Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems

Persistently high energy costs are driving many companies to evaluate opportunities for more efficient energy usage and significant reduction in energy costs. Pollution System Solutions offers Heat Recovery Systemsthat are efficiently designed for each unique situation.

Often, energy is lost to the atmosphere as it is exhausted from your air pollution control equipment. This energy can typically be recovered for use in industrial manufacturing processes such as ovens and reactors where steam, gas, or electricity is being used for heat. Pollution System Solutions will evaluate your process and design and execute a custom heat recovery solution that recovers and reuses energy within your facility.

Our custom engineered heat recovery systems have helped customers realize the benefits of recovering energy that would otherwise have been wasted for use elsewhere in their processes. In addition to evaluating the ability to recover waste heat and reuse it, we also provide a full and accurate financial analysis revealing the potential savings that our recovery systems can provide your facility. Our customized analysis will demonstrate the very real monetary benefits and short capital payback cycle for your company. Additionally, we offer leasing and financing options to help offset capital costs to your organization.

If your company is in need of a cost cutting heat recovery system, contact Pollution Systems today to discuss your project.

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