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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Effective energy management is essential for controlling cost in any industrial process.  Pollution Systems Inc. designs and manufactures Shell and Tube Heat Exchangerswhich operate by transferring heat energy from one process stream to another.  As one process stream passes through the inside of the heat exchanger tubes, the other process stream simultaneously passes over the outside of tubes.  Heat is transferred from one stream to the other through the tube wall.

Heat exchangers are an integral component in Recuperative Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers as well as other types of process equipment.  Pollution Systems carefully selects appropriate materials and custom engineers our high quality Heat Exchangers to precisely target thermal and mass flow requirements for the specified application.  Materials of construction selected are based on the corrosivity, abrasive properties, and temperature conditions of the process streams. 

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

A major advantage in incorporating heat exchangers into a design is that the process streams exchanging energy do not come in direct contact with one another.  Additionally, heat exchangers offer better operability and lower maintenance compared to packed or structural heat transfer media.  This type of media may become plugged by particulate matter or condensates, increasing pressure drop and becoming thermally ineffective over time.  When this occurs, costly removal and replacement of the heat transfer media is required.  This type of heat transfer method is generally associated with systems having many more moving parts, reducing reliability and increasing potential for significant loss of “up-time”.

Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Pollution Systems designs and builds Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers specifically for use in heavy industrial applications.  Our Heat Exchangers provide long lasting, effective solutions in a wide range of materials and capacity.  These custom engineered Heat Exchangers are used in Industrial Air Pollution Control Equipment, Chemical and Petro-Chemical Processes, Energy Recovery as well as many other industrial processes. 

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