Industrial Burners and Gas Train Services

Our growing technical services department continues to expand its capabilities and is now officially its own division. PolSys Services is our exclusive dedication to after-market field services for air pollution equipment and industrial burners. Contact PolSys Services at 713-999-1100 or at www.polsys.com for technical service inquiries and more information on this company division.

Trust PolSys Services to Engineer, Implement, and Commission all of your industrial burner service needs. Our work ensures that you have a:

  1. Compliant System meeting your Code and Environmental Permit Levels
  2. Robust and Industrial Duty Solution for Longevity
  3. Energy Conscientious and Efficient Design

Industrial Burner Services

PolSys Services’ field service technicians are trained to provide a full range of industrial burner services at your site. Some of the many services provided include initial start-up, safety inspections, burner optimization, burner repairs and rebuilds, retrofits and redesign. We have strong relationships with leading burner manufacturers and are familiar with all types: primary air burners, secondary air burners, line burners, etc.

Gas Trains

PolSys Services offers pre-configured NFPA compliant gas trains. Pre-configured equipment is skid mounted and includes all necessary piping, valves, blowers, controls and interlocks for quicker installation at the site.

Energy saving features, such as flow control ratio valves, are easily incorporated into the system. A proportioning air to fuel control valve improves efficiency by reducing natural gas usage and its combustion products. Properly setting up air to fuel ratios yields estimated energy savings between 5-25% according to the US Department of Energy Process Heat Sourcebook. Using electronic control valves or even mass flow systems, dials in the accuracy for the most stringent applications.

Low NOx Solutions

Reducing NOx has become a major focus in many industries and geographical locations. Often, meeting the new requirements requires modifications to existing processes. Pollution System Solutions Inc. has the experience and expertise to carefully review your process and environmental requirements to develop and implement a turnkey solution. Some factors considered when engineering a solution are correct choice of industrial grade Low NOx burner, electronic control valves, calculating and setting up air to gas ratios, balancing temperature requirements and solving for overall process flow volumes. We keep up with the latest burner technologies to find the correct solution for our customers.

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