Metal Finishing Pollution Systems

Metal finishing processes can include grinding, polishing, etching, cleaning, coating and laminating to produce a final product.  Grinding, polishing and etching generate dust that must be captured and eliminated from the exhaust stream.  Coating and laminating generate waste vapor during application and drying that must be removed prior to releasing exhaust into the atmosphere.  Pollution Systems offers a full line of wet scrubbers and thermal oxidizers to address these issues.

Metal Finishing Pollution Scrubbers & Oxidizers

Wet scrubbers inject cleaning liquids into the exhaust stream to either react with or entrain the pollutant, depending on whether it is a gas or particulate. Particulate/ Venturi scrubbers remove the dust and other particulate that results from grinding, polishing and etching metal by injecting liquid to capture the particulate.  Gas/chemical scrubbers react with contaminants in the exhaust gas to create a salt that are able to be removed from the vapor. 

Thermal oxidizers use combustion to destroy the pollutants in the exhaust stream, and can achieve destruction rates in excess of 99%.  They are most effective for residue from coating processes, and can treat emissions containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Recuperative oxidizers are most effective for exhaust streams containing VOC’s and particulate as they are resistant to plugging and can be easily maintained.  These oxidizers can be used to treat residue from cleaning, coating and laminating processes.   Regenerative thermal oxidizers are used for vapor with lower VOC and particulate concentrations and are highly energy efficient.  Catalytic oxidizers are used with low, stable VOC concentrations, and are used for coating processes that do not release high levels of pollutants into the exhaust stream.

Heat recovery equipment can be integrated with oxidizers to capture heat from the exhaust of the oxidizer to preheat other processes.  The energy can be used to preheat air to ovens, heaters and the oxidizers, resulting in significant savings in energy costs.

We provide full support services for our products, including maintenance and repair services.  Our repair and maintenance services are available 24/7 and can be scheduled to minimize operational downtime.   Pollution Systems also offers rentals of our thermal oxidizers for temporary or long term use. 

Pollution Systems’ custom designs can provide you with a wet scrubber or thermal oxidizer to meet the requirements of your metal finishing application.  We have designed, manufactured and installed scrubbers and oxidizers for metal finishing operations ranging from grinding to laminating, and have the skills and experience to design an energy-efficient, cost-effective solution for your air pollution control requirements. 

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