Oxidizer Installation, Start-up and Commissioning

New System Installation Engineering Support 

Proper start-up and commissioning of air pollution control equipment are critical components of the long-term performance and reliability of the system. Improper installation and/or commissioning are  main sources of premature failures.  It is important that every air control system Pollution Systems builds has a dedicated PSSI project manager to lead the overall mechanical and electrical installation. We also provide complimentary technical  support if needed to our customers for one year after install.  With our engineering service, customers can be assured that their equipment has been installed properly and meets the design standards for efficient operation.


The number of people having any level of air control equipment profiency can vary considerably within any given manufacturing facility.  When it comes to complying with new air requirements or  which type of air control equipment is needed to keep pace with increasing production capacity, it's best to go to the experts for answers.  Pollution Systems focuses only on air correction, and we possess an in-depth knowledge of the industry and equipment that would not be readily available in most industrial facilities. 

Let Pollution Systems assess your unique situation to develop the best solution to meet your needs.  We have the expertise to quickly implement any agreed-upon course of action.


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