Oxidizer Repairs and Upgrades

Our growing technical services department continues to expand its capabilities and is now officially its own division. PolSys Services is our exclusive dedication to after-market field services for air pollution equipment and industrial burners. Contact PolSys Services at 713-999-1100 or at www.polsys.com for technical service inquiries and more information on this company division.

Oxidizer RepairPolSys Services’ experienced field engineers and technicians are well trained and equipped to repair and/or upgrade your existing air pollution control equipment. Repairing and upgrading existing air pollution control equipment is an important step in air permit compliance. Over time, equipment degradation leads to reduced treatment efficiency and effectiveness.

Some of the more common issues PolSys Services regularly addresses are noted below:

Regardless of the issue you would like to address, PolSys Services experience and knowledge of all types of air abatement technologies and processes allow us to assess your situation and quickly address any needed equipment repairs and upgrades.

Replacing Your Current Oxidizer

If you find that your oxidizer system is beyond repair, and you need a new oxidizer, Pollution Systems can build you a new thermal oxidizer or catalytic oxidizer. Contact the professionals at Pollution Systems, and let them help you find the best solution for your needs and budget.

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