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Particulate Dust Scrubbers

A particulate dust scrubber is a type of wet scrubber specifically targeting particulate abatement, including pm 10 and pm 2.5. These wet scrubbers are also effective in processes with fine dust or sticky residues, such as food manufacturing, as they reduce the buildup of biological matter during processing.

Pollution Systems specializes in high-energy wet scrubbers built to fit your precise needs. Our engineering and design team will focus on identifying a custom solution that intelligently fits your application. We have extensive experience with Venturi Scrubbers and Multi-Vane Scrubbers, and depending on your process, a specific type of scrubber may be most suitable. 

 Particulate Scrubber Particulate Dust Scrubber

Wet Particulate Dust Scrubbers

A liquid – usually water – is injected into the waste gas stream. Then, the liquid droplets entrain particulates from the stream and collect in the sump for blowdown. The treated air stream discharges through the exhaust stack. 


However, a wide range of variables impacts a scrubber's design, such as:

  • What is the nature of the particulate or dust to be removed?
  • What is the particulate size distribution? What is the initial pollutant loading/concentration in the waste stream? Is it flammable or combustible?
  • What is the required removal efficiency (DRE)?
  • What is the temperature and flow rate of the waste stream? 
  • Where will the scrubber be located, indoors or outdoors? 


Benefits of Particulate Dust Scrubbers

In the long term, our scrubber solutions will offer highly reliable systems accompanied by low maintenance requirements.

  • Water captures hazardous airborne materials/particulate more effectively, increasing safety
  • Reduces risk for combustible events
  • If processing potentially energetic material, it can remove explosive dusts


 Particulate Scrubbers    Multi-Vane Scrubber

 particulate scrubber   Venturi Scrubber


Common Industry Applications

  • Food Processing
  • Building Materials Manufacturing
  • Coatings and Resins
  • Waste/Materials Recovery
  • Munitions Decommissioning


We are committed to manufacturing complete scrubber solutions, including all necessary equipment, such as process fans, pumps, automated control systems, gauges, and piping. In the long term, our scrubber solutions will offer highly reliable systems accompanied by low maintenance requirements.


Scrubber Repairs

If you require assistance with an existing Dust Scrubber, our dedicated technical services division, PolSys Services, can assist you in repairing or retrofitting any make and model of industrial scrubber system.


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