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What are Venturi or Particulate Scrubbers?

Venturi Scrubbers, also known as Particulate Scrubbers, are air control systems that are highly efficient at removing particulate matter (ie. PM 2.5) emissions from industrial exhaust generated from both batch and continuous type process applications.

Venturi Scrubbers have several advantages compared to filters and other dust collection equipment. One advantage is that they can handle particle-laden gas streams that contain moisture and/or are high temperature. Another advantage is that the overall size of the equipment is often smaller.

Other advantages relate to ease of maintenance and choice of construction options. Apart from having a system fan and recirculation pump, Venturi Scrubbers are solid state.  These scrubbers have continuous "blow down" of the scrubbing liquid along with fresh water make-up which decreases the frequency of cleaning. As an additional option, a series of internal nozzles - complete with piping, valving, and chemical injection ports - provide a Clean-In-Place (CIP) manifold system which make these scrubbers relatively easy to maintain.

A typical Venturi Scrubber system incorporates a scrubbing vessel with a Venturi throat to facilitate particle collection. Other system components include a system fan, recycle pump, mist eliminator, and exhaust stack.  All Venturi Scrubbers come standard with Pollution Systems' System Automation Controls Packages for minimal operator interface, increased safety, and easy start-up and operation with the touch of a button. 


Venturi Scrubber-System Components

Typical Venturi Scrubber installed on raised platform


How Does a Venturi Scrubber Work?

Venturi Scrubbers remove PM from dirty exhaust streams by collecting the particulates in liquid droplets. Particle-laden exhaust gas enters the scrubber at high velocity where it is forced into contact with the scrubbing fluid. The liquid containing particulates is separated from the gas by gravity and a downstream mist eliminator section. The liquid falls into the sump and collected. A portion of the collected fluid is removed for disposal and replenished with clean scrubbing fluid for recirculation. The clean air is discharged through the stack. Removal efficiency is typically in excess of 99%.


Venturi Scrubber for Particulate 2.5 Abatement for Food Industry     Pollution Systems' Venturi Scrubber for Particulate Removal at Food Processing Plant


Particulate Scrubber Applications

Pollution Systems’ top quality Venturi Scrubbers maintain high on-stream performance. Some of the more common industrial applications of Venturi Scrubbers include Food Processing, Textile Manufacturing, Mining/Mineral Processing, and Printing


Read about how we designed a Venturi Scrubber solution to remove grease and particulates at a meat processing plant:



If you would like to request a cut sheet for our VS-3 Venturi Scrubber, please click the appropriate link below:



Venturi Scrubber Systems Tailored To Your Unique Industrial Process.

Pollution Systems is a leading air control equipment manufacturer specializing in Venturi Scrubbers.   Our experienced design team is focused on developing a solution which will fit your application and reach or exceed the target destruction rate for your process pollutants. Contact us for more information on Venturi and other scrubber systems - including our innovative Multi-Vane (MVS) Scrubber - and to see if one would be the appropriate type of air control technology for your process.


Particulate/Venturi Scrubber Repairs

If you require assistance with an existing Venturi/Particulate Scrubber, our dedicated technical services division, PolSys Services, can assist you in repairing or retrofitting the make and model of any Particulate or Venturi Scrubber system.

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