Venturi Scrubbers & Particulate Scrubbers

Multi-vane Scrubber

Particulate Scrubbers, often called Venturi Scrubbers, are effective at removing particulate from the exhaust with high efficiency.

Particulate Scrubbers have several advantages compared to other dust collection equipment. They are able to handle gas streams that contain moisture and/or are high temperature, the overall size of the equipment is typically smaller, and they have the potential to remove pollutant gas at the same time as the particulate. Request a copy of our Cut Sheet for the Multi-Vane Venturi Scrubber.


                                                                             Multi-Vane Scrubber 

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Venturi Scrubber systems incorporate a scrubbing vessel  with  a  system  fan, recycle pump, instrumentation and controls, mist eliminator, and exhaust stack.

Wet Scrubbers remove particles from gas streams by capturing the particles in liquid droplets and then separating the droplets from the gas stream. Particle-laden exhaust gas enters the scrubber where it becomes in contact with a mist of tiny droplets of scrubbing fluid. The fluid is separated from the gas to remove the particulate. Collection efficiency is typically in excess of 99%.


Particulate Scrubber Applications

Pollution Systems’ high-quality design and construction also incorporate self-cleaning features to maintain high on-stream performance. Some of the more common industrial applications of Venturi Scrubbers include Corn Processing Facilities, Food Manufacturing, Fiberglass & Composite Industries, and Metal Finishing Operations.


Check out Pollution Systems' solution to remove grease and particulate at a meat processing plant:

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Particulate/Venturi Scrubber Systems Tailored to Achieve YOUR Goals

Pollution Systems is a leading air control equipment manufacturer specializing in Particulate/Venturi Scrubbers.   Our experienced design team is focused on developing a solution which will fit your application and reach or exceed your emission goals. Contact us for more information on Particulate/Venturi Systems and see if one would be the appropriate system for your process.


Particulate/Venturi Scrubber Repairs

If you require assistance with an existing Particulate Scrubber, our dedicated technical services division PolSys Services can assist you in repairing or retrofitting the make and model of any Particulate/Venturi Scrubber system.

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