Pipeline Degassing

Alaskan Pipeline: Pipeline Degassing

The expansive development of pipelines throughout the nation confirms the substantial need for automated, reliable and high-capacity equipment to support this growing industry. One of the necessary processes for pipeline owners and/or operators, is degassing: The process of removing organic gases from a stationary tank or pipeline. A Portable Thermal Oxidizer or Enclosed Flare can be used to successfully accomplish this, and Pollution Systems engineers and provides systems to be utilized specifically for Pipeline Degassing. You may request the cut sheet of one of our systems by clicking the link below: 

      •     Degassing Portable CEF-10 Thermal Oxidizer.

                           Alaskan Pipeline


Our oxidizers are ideal for operators who have a need for safe, reliable, portable and easy to use degassing systems that are technologically advanced and designed for high-capacity workloads. Similar to tanks, pipelines that transport hazardous substances must be degassed and cleaned before they are put into or out of service. In addition to adhering to regulations, a common concern regarding pipelines includes odor elimination.


Effective Systems for Pipeline Degassing

Pollution Systems’ Thermal Oxidizers and Enclosed Flares capture and destroy dangerous vapors, prevent them from being released, and eliminate the concurrent odors. Our skilled staff will partner with you to design an energy-efficient, reliable and long-lasting emissions control system for servicing your pipeline. 


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Thermal Oxidizers and Enclosed Flares Tailored to Achieve YOUR Goals

Pollution Systems can provide the appropriate Thermal Oxidizer or Enclosed Flare that is specifically designed for your Pipeline Degassing Operation.  


Buying equipment from Pollution Systems is only the beginning, not the end.  We design and build the systems and provide technical support throughout the life of the equipment.  We also offer short, medium, and long-term Rentals  of our Thermal Oxidizers and Wet Scrubbers for industrial processing  during the installation of new equipment, for extra waste processing during remediation, or for running pilot studies prior to purchase.

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