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Also known as an RCO, the Recuperative Catalytic Oxi-dizer is most appropriate in process applications where particulate and catalyst poisons are not present and where concentrations of Vol-atile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are below 25% LEL. These systems incorporate a heat exchanger and precious metal catalyst on a monolithic substrate. By using a catalyst module, oxidation of the VOCs is achieved at significantly lower temperatures compared to straight thermal oxi-dation. The benefits of lower temperatures include less expensive materials of con-struction and a longer equip-ment life due to reduced ther-

  Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer with Stack

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mal expansion/contraction during shut-down and start-up.  This also  means lower operating costs due to reduced gas consumption and less potential for carbon monoxide and NOx emitted from the burner.  


How Does It Work?

The process air is heated to between 300 °F to 750 °F prior to passing through the catalyst. The catalyst converts the VOCs into carbon dioxide, water vapor and thermal energy. The exhaust then passes through the heat exchanger, which is used to preheat the incoming VOC-laden process stream prior to entering the heating chamber.  


Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer Applications

The unit depicted in our Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer Model RCO-22 Product Cut Sheet is specifically designed to continuously treat process streams contaminated by ethylene oxide for a  company in the Medical Sterilization Industry Other suitable applications for this type of system include:



Case Studies

Take a look at two case studies below where using a Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer was the best solution for emission challenges:



Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer Systems Tailored to Achieve YOUR Goals

Pollution Systems can design and build an Electric Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer System to fit your application.  Contact us for more information on our Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizers, your operating preferences,  and the factors that are important to you.


If you are looking to repair your existing Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer, our technical services division PolSys Services can assist in repairing any make and model of Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer system

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