Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

VOC abatement using Recuperative Thermal Oxidizersis appropriate in many process applications including processes where particulate may be present, with higher Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) concentrations or even where a large amount of heat energy may be needed somewhere else in your facility.

Pollution Systems’ designs are able to incorporate many energy saving options including the use of preheated combustion air, a secondary heat exchanger and sophisticated burner controls. Pollution System Solutions will work closely with you to understand the trade-offs between initial capital investment and the expected operating costs. Cut Sheet of Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

Compare RTO's VS Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Applications

These systems incorporate a heat exchanger with a combustion chamber and can handle a wide range of process flow rates and VOC concentrations. The heat exchanger is used to preheat the VOC laden air prior to entering the combustion chamber to reduce operating cost.

Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers are:

  • Ideal for Moderate VOC concentrations
  • Suitable for Secondary Heat Recovery
  • Typically able to achieve destruction efficiency in excess of 99%
  • Capable of thermal efficiency up to 80%

Some of the more common industrial applications include Corn Processing Facilities, Industrial Processes, Fiberglass & Composite Industries, Natural Gas Processing, Process Coating and Laminating, Chemical Processes, Polystyrene Foam Mfg, Metal Finishing Operations. Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers can be used in odor control applications as well. Take a look at the case study below involved in Feed Product Manufacturing:  

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Case Study

For an in-depth comparison between recuperative oxidation and regenerative oxidation, read our White Paper here

If a recuperative thermal oxidizer is not what you need for your application, Pollution Systems can build other types of thermal oxidizers to perfectly meet all your requirements.

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