Sulfuric Acid Scrubbers

Chemical producers that emit sulfur-based substances such as sulfuric acid or sulfur dioxide as part of their manufacturing processes are under strict requirements to remove these toxic byproducts from their emissions.  Pollution Systems manufactures highly efficient, top-quality sulfuric acid scrubbers built around your precise requirements. 

Sulfuric Acid Scrubber Design

Wet scrubbers remove pollutants by injecting liquid into the gas stream.  For particulate systems such as dust scrubbers, the particulate is caught by water droplets and largely prevented from escaping through the exhaust pipe.  Chemical scrubbers function differently: the liquid introduced into the gaseous waste stream causes chemical reactions that convert the pollutant(s) into a different chemical compound.    

In the case of sulfuric acid scrubbers, efficiency is critical.  Sulfuric acid gas is highly toxic.  Many wet sulfuric acid scrubbers utilize a multi-stage approach, first using a bed of packed media with recirculated liquid caustic (sodium hydroxide solution) which acts as a base to neutralize the acid, and finally uses a mist eliminator to remove water vapor. 

Wet sulfuric acid scrubbers can vary widely in terms of size and design.  Any number of factors must be considered, including:

  • The amount and concentration of sulfuric acid in the waste stream
  • The presence of other pollutants in the waste stream
  • The process conditions such as exhaust temperature and flow rate

Custom Sulfuric Acid Scrubber Systems

Pollution Systems is a leading custom manufacturer experienced in packed column wet sulfuric acid scrubber systems.  Our veteran design team is focused on specialized solutions built around your unique requirements. 

A range of designs and approaches are available in wet scrubbers, but generally, incorporate a system fan, recycle pump, mist eliminator, exhaust stack and instrumentation & controls.  Our systems are comprehensive in nature, including all necessary equipment to function as a complete solution. 

We thrive on unique challenges.  We can design and manufacture a custom wet sulfuric acid scrubber to fit your precise application and will provide you with outstanding performance and low maintenance requirements.

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