Portable Thermal Oxidizers for Tank and Pipeline Degassing

The growing number of installed Aboveground Storage Tanks (AST’s) and the expansive development of pipelines throughout the nation, confirm the substantial need for automated, reliable and high-capacity equipment to support these growing industries. One of the necessary processes for storage tank and pipeline owners, and/or operators, is degassing: the process of removing organic gases from a stationary tank or pipeline. A portable thermal oxidizeror enclosed flare can be used to successfully accomplish this, and Pollution Systems engineers and provides systems to be utilized specifically for tank and pipeline degassing.

Our oxidizers are ideal for operators who have a need for safe, reliable, portable and easy to use degassing systems that are technologically advanced and designed for high-capacity workloads.

Tank Degassing

When storage tanks are emptied, gas vapor that remains in the tank has to be captured and destroyed before the storage tank can be cleaned and reused. The potentially-toxic residual vapor is produced by the previously contained Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), which can consist of chemicals, solvents and/or petrochemicals.  If degassing is not properly conducted, the harmful vapor can be expelled into the atmosphere during turnover operations, causing health concerns and compliance issues. Storage tank owners must adhere to certain regulations and correctly degas storage tanks to avoid non-compliance penalties and a halt in operations. View our cut sheet for the Degassing Portable CEF-10 Thermal Oxidizer 

Pipeline Degassing

Similar to tanks, pipelines that transport hazardous substances must be degassed and cleaned before they are put into or out of service. Click here for more information on pipeline degassing.

How Our Vapor Control Technology Works

Also known as fume incinerators, thermal oxidizers are used to clean gas vapor as it is forced out of the storage tank or pipeline during cleaning, filling or normal operations.  Using heat, the oxidizers remove the VOC’s present in the vapor.  This control solution is effective for vapors containing high concentrations of VOC’s, and can achieve destruction efficiency in excess of 99%. Alternatively, enclosed flare thermal oxidizers are used to handle high-VOC streams, and are designed to accommodate discharge streams with excess air for combustion.

Our oxidizers are designed to work for your specific application and guarantee:

  • Safety – Obtain peace of mind with our NFPA-compliant systems, which can be optimized with increased integrations to operate within the safest parameters
  • Reliability – Our oxidizers guarantee the necessary  Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) at every job, every time for your regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Mobility – Our systems are designed for fast and easy mobility onsite, occupying minimal area footprint
  • High Capacity – Complete more jobs in less time using our modern systems that can handle larger flows and loading for higher DRE's
  • Ease of Use – Automated controls for efficient operation requires minimal training and less man-power for effective use

Pollution Systems can provide you a thermal oxidizer or enclosed flare to meet the specifications of your degassing application.  Our experience includes designing, manufacturing and installing oxidizers for tanks used in the shipping industry and for storage tanks at processing plants and oil and gas installations.

Currently, the degassing industry is at the forefront of a major shift in operating procedures and its supporting technology. It’s imperative to have equipment that is safe, high-tech, reliable and can accommodate more business for your bottom line. Choose a system-provider that is experienced, knowledgeable and knows your operation priorities.

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