Tank Degassing Thermal Oxidizers

Pollution Systems offers thermal oxidizers for tank degassing. When tanks carrying Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) such as chemicals, solvents and petrochemicals are emptied, gas vapor is left in the tank.  This potentially harmful vapor can be forced out into the atmosphere when cleaning the tank prior to re-using it. Pollution Systems’ thermal oxidizers and enclosed flares can capture and destroy these dangerous vapors during cleaning and prevent them from being released.  In addition, thermal oxidizers can be used during normal operations and when filling tanks to treat any vapors generated during those operations.

Degassing Tanks for Pollution Systems

Thermal oxidizers, also known as fume incinerators, are used to clean the gas vapor as it is forced out of the tank during the cleaning process, filling or normal operations.  Using heat, the oxidizers remove the VOC’s present in the vapor.  They are effective for vapors containing high concentrations of VOC’s, and can achieve destruction efficiency in excess of 99%. 

Enclosed flare thermal oxidizers are used to handle high VOC streams, and are designed to accommodate discharge streams with excess air for combustion.

Pollution Systems provides full support services for our products, including maintenance and repair services.  Our repair and maintenance services are available 24/7 and can be scheduled to minimize operational downtime.   Pollution Systems offers rentals of our thermal oxidizers for emergency or temporary operations of tank degassing.

Pollution Systems’ custom designs can provide you with a thermal oxidizer or enclosed flare oxidizer to meet the specifications of your degassing tanks application.  We have designed, manufactured and installed oxidizers for tanks used in the shipping industry and for storage tanks at processing plants and oil and gas installations, and have the skills and experience to design an efficient, cost-effective solution for your degassing thermal oxidizer tanks and cleaning operations.  Our design staff will work closely with you to design an energy-efficient, reliable and long-lasting emissions control system. 

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