We are always seeking high-performing people to join our team and support our growing business – helping companies meet their environmental stewardship requirements and sustainability goals so they can continue producing their essential products. Ideal team members are growth-oriented, work well in a collaborative environment, are innovative at solving complex issues, exercise good judgment, and deliver results.

The Company

Pollution Systems designs and builds equipment to clean the air at facilities before discharging back into the atmosphere. We focus on solving challenging problems and are a comprehensive solution provider for industrial air pollution problems. We strive to be the preferred supplier of air pollution control equipment in industrial applications by providing superior service and excellent product quality.


  • Competitive Benefits Package
  • Professional Development Opportunities – we want to see you grow, develop, and help build things for the greater good.
  • Incentive Compensation Plan
  • Work Culture – we encourage creativity, innovation, and tight-knit relationships

Our Departments


Project Engineering, Design Engineering, and Mechanical Design roles are critical in helping our customers understand their options and executing our 4D design process: Define, Design, Develop, and Deliver.

  • Project Engineering – Responsible for the engineering and technical disciplines needed to complete our air pollution control projects. The project engineer plans projects, establishes project criteria, coordinates project reviews, keeps stakeholders informed, and ensures the proper implementation of project elements. They estimate and manage costs and schedules while ensuring the quality of our engineered products.
  • Design Engineering – A critical member of our Captial Projects Group and leads the development and design of our air pollution equipment product line offering which includes scrubbers, oxidizers, and other integrated systems. Responsibilities include product design, application support, improving the Pollution Systems design process, new product development, and supporting capital projects execution
  • Mechanical Design – Prepares complete sets of complex drawings which include structural designs, multiple views, detail drawings, and assembly drawings. Drawings include complex design features that require considerable drafting skills to visualize and portray accurately. Works from sketches, models, and verbal information supplied by an engineer or designer to detmermine the most appropriate views, detail drawings, and supplementary information needed.


Business accounting is a core process for Pollution Systems. Accounting is responsible for generating customer invoices, maintaining financial records and ensuring that financial transactions are properly recorded. Accounting prepares monthly P&Ls, balance sheets and other financial reports. The business unit controller leads and directs our business accounting functions, provides analysis and reporting of financial information including budgets, planning, and required filings and reports.

Interested in Joining the Team?

Email and tell us why you think we are a good fit. Please include your LinkedIn profile so we can get to know you better.