System Features

All of our industrial air control solutions incorporate unique features that set us apart from other manufacturers. Pollution Systems’ APC solutions are:

  • Industrial-grade
  • Designed holistically for your process
  • Intelligent Automated Controls
  • Guaranteed Performance

Our design process and partnership approach ensure the APC solutions we provide are tailored to your needs. Every project undertaken by Pollution Systems has a dedicated project manager and design team that follows this process:

Pollution Systems 4D Design Process: Define, Design, Develop, Deliver

Our 4D Process – Define, Design, Develop, Deliver

Automated Controls with Every Solution Provided

A system with automated controls and innovative programming can take your emission control, plant safety, and productivity to a new level.

Pollution Systems provides robust, fully automated control systems as a powerful standard component integrated into all of our Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers, Enclosed Flares, and Wet Scrubbers.

Burner Control Panel Screen That Runs Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Burner Either in Manual or Auto Mode

Competitive Advantages of Integrated Control Systems

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Breakdown of the system features associated with automated control panels for air pollution control panels and how each feature can improve the manufacturing process.
Feature How It Improves Your Process
Increased Flexibility In the case of severe weather or other emergencies, less prep time is necessary for partial or complete shutdowns. If multiple systems work in tangent, controls allow bypassing a unit for repairs or maintenance so production can continue uninterrupted.
Reduced Energy Consumption Our oxidizer and scrubber controls incorporate a VFD (variable frequency drive) to adjust the fan speed to move only the required air.
Recording of System Process Parameters Prove consistent VOC or HAP destruction and demonstrate compliance with permits or mandates. Robust data collection is also useful in troubleshooting and improvements.
Alarm and Troubleshooting System Better alarm handling and identification of the problem's source allows for intervention or quick repair if needed
Telemetry Option Offers the ability for the control panel to communicate with a primary DCS (Distributed Control System) as well as with a remote system. Allows for the functionality to troubleshoot remotely if needed.
HVAC Package Depending on the facility's location and climate, each oxidizer and scrubber system includes an HVAC package to cool or winterize the control panel.
Improved pH Balancing (Scrubbers) Designed to continually monitor pH and automatically add the reagents to attain the correct pH as consumed. Gain peace of mind that you are meeting compliance while also minimizing reagent and water usage with more precise measurements.
Automated Blow-down (Scrubbers) Control systems on chemical and particulate scrubbers are able to monitor and manage the build-up of solids in the sump.

Frequently Asked Questions

PLC Platforms commonly used in our Controls package include Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon, and GE-Fanuc.

Newer PLC models offer advanced features that enable faster prediction and prevention of system issues, enhancing safe operation and compliance. These can also improve operational efficiencies and data collection, providing real-time key performance indicators for everything from PMS management to business analytics.

The control panels are constructed with the highest quality components and meet the latest NEC/UL508a standards.

Pollution Systems’ Automated Controls Packages are all designed and programmed by our electrical engineering department. Programming includes:

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) Programming
  • Operator Interface Programming
  • Process Controller Programming
  • Telemetry (Optional)

Each control panel may include controls for

  • Fan and Pump
  • Industrial Burner or Electric Heater
  • Temperature Control
  • Fan and Motor Control
  • Power Start-up/Shutdown with the push of a button
  • pH Control and Chemical Metering
  • Damper Control
  • Chart Recorder

Commissioning and Training

System commissioning and on-site training is encouraged/offered by our technical team prior to initial system startup. Our onsite service technician will verify the system’s proper mechanical and electrical installation, troubleshoot components not functioning correctly, bring the system online with the process stream, and provide system operation and maintenance training.

Performance Guarantee and Warranty

Pollution Systems guarantees that our systems will meet customer-specified DRE or capture efficiency for the pollutants of concern contained in the identified process stream. Additionally, PSI warrants the system will be free of defects in material and workmanship. For smaller systems, equipment is shop tested before shipment.

Discuss Your Air Pollution Challenge With Us

Interested in purchasing a system? Reach out to us to start a holistic discussion about your application so you can purchase the most appropriate solution for your APC needs.

Close-up view of Automated Controls Panel Display Window and Enclosure

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