Support Your Industrial ESG Goals with an Electric Catalytic Oxidizer (ERCO)

Explore our infographic depicting the many features of Pollution Systems’ Electric Catalytic Oxidizers (ERCO) and how to capitalize on the technology to support ESG and sustainability objectives within your industrial process.
Infographic depicting the inner workings of electric catalytic oxidizers and the eco-friendly features of the technology

Are your corporate objectives capitalizing on sustainability? Whether from internal or external pressures, sustainability is entering all facets of production and becoming necessary to prioritize in every industry. By utilizing air pollution control solutions such as electric catalytic oxidizers (ERCO), you can reduce harmful air emissions from your process and benefit from the energy-saving features of the technology.

Catalytic oxidizers are suitable for low VOC and relatively low energy process streams; they can achieve VOC and HAP destruction with minimal impact on the present manufacturing process. Industries that especially benefit from this technology are food processors, pharmaceutical producers, EtO sterilizers, and climate-forward manufacturers who want to reinforce their image as sustainable operators.

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