Engineering Consulting

Typically, Pollution Systems works with the end customer on their specific application early in their air abatement project. Our technical team develops a reasonable understanding of the client’s operation and application, their permit requirements or abatement goals, reliability and safety goals, and other customer-specific objectives. Once the project is well defined, we will assist in understanding the options available for the application and recommend the appropriate air treatment equipment.

In the project definition phase, specific information such as overall flow rate, pollutant concentration, and required destruction efficiency may not be readily available. Engineering studies and assessments of flow rate and target air pollutants may be necessary to ensure the proper equipment selection. Although we do not directly perform these services, we may be able to assist you in understanding how to collect the necessary information or direct you to one of our capable partners that offer those services.

Seeking Guidance?

Pollution Systems can educate you on the necessary information and services you need to progress your air pollution control project. Reach out to our technical sales team to get started.

Three Engineering Team Members Sit at a Conference Table and Consult with Potential Customer VIA Zoom on Wall-mounted Computer Screen About their Plant’s Process Application and Emissions Requirements