New System Commissioning

Proper start-up and commissioning of air pollution control equipment are critical components of the long-term performance and reliability of the system. Improper commissioning can be a leading source of premature system failures. Pollution Systems’ project managers lead the design and fabrication of the units along with their control panels and System Automation programming. Once fabrication and programming are complete, our dedicated services group – PolSys Services – ensures system commissioning is right the first time. Between our two divisions, you can feel confident that equipment meets the design and automation standards necessary for efficient operation.

Two Male Project Engineers with White Hard Hats and Jeans Perform An Evaluation of System Functionality During Start-up and commissioning of a Green and Tan Air Pollution Control Unit

Two project engineers perform a complete evaluation of all APC functions during start-up and commissioning

Two Project Engineers with White Hard Hats Test Pressure of a System using a Green Pressure Gauge Gadget.

Pressure gauges help project engineers assess how an air control system is functioning after initial start-up

Start-up and Commissioning for Air Pollution Control Equipment

If you are looking to get a your new air pollution control system online, Pollution Systems can help. Our service group will come to your installation site and ensure commissioning is done accurately.

Newly Installed Catalytic Oxidizer Surrounded by work tables with tools and shade canopy prior to the start of New System Commissioning. It is a bright sunny day.