Rentals and Pilot Units


Rental Thermal Oxidizer CEF-5 Treats VOCs at industrial site

Rental Thermal Oxidizer CEF-5 Treats VOCs during Plant Shutdown

Pollution Systems has several Portable Thermal Oxidizers for rent, which are trailer-mounted units for ease of mobility. All Thermal Oxidizer Rental units can operate with natural gas or propane burners and gas train arrangements for maximum flexibility. Additionally, our Rental Systems are designed with fully automated and integrated control packages to operate independently of your process. Typical industries that use rental oxidizers for specific projects include Tank and Pipeline Degassing, Odor Control, Food Processing, and Paints/Coatings.

Pilot Units

Have you been burnt before with air pollution control technology that was ill-fit for your application? Pilot-scale units are desirable for demonstrating the effectiveness of technology on your process, and they can help size the final equipment solution. They are a low-cost, low-risk way to test air pollution control on a new, pilot-sized production process or streams that are challenging to treat (i.e. wet or sticky buildup).

New Rental MVS-2 Pilot Scrubber Installed at Customer’s Industrial Facility

Newly-installed Rental MVS-2 Pilot Scrubber Abates Customer’s Targeted VOC and HAP Emissions

Why You Could Need a Rental or Pilot Unit

Rental Oxidizers can support continuing operations in a variety of situations. Situations where an Oxidizer Rental may be appropriate include:

  • Planned short-term needs such as replacement of existing air pollution equipment or a newly identified need (new process, temporary increase of production, etc.)
  • Pilot trials to assess the effectiveness of oxidation or particulate/gas removal as a long-term solution.
  • Emergency requirements like the failure of existing air pollution control (APC)

Benefits of Renting APC Equipment

Many companies have reduced budgets and are delaying large capital purchases to provide financial flexibility. Renting offers a lower-cost option that allows your facility to achieve air pollution control objectives and keep you compliant with regulations.

Have multiple sites with air pollution control issues? The right piece of rental equipment may be all you need. Our portable units are easy to move, and their versatile components make reconfiguring and resizing to accommodate each facility simple.

Our Rentals are fully automated and have integrated control packages, so they operate without intrusive integrations to your process equipment.

Rental Oxidizers are available for lease for a minimum of one (1) month. Unsure of your needed period? Lease a unit for 30 days and easily renew month-to-month for uninterrupted operation.

Pollution Systems evaluates your complete process conditions, compliance requirements, and operational objectives to determine if one of our rental units suits your operation. As the equipment is either trailer or skid-mounted, the equipment can be transported quickly to your facility with reasonable shipping costs. Once the Rental Oxidizer is on-site and set up, commissioning & start-up of the equipment is typically complete in a one-day site visit.

Looking for a Rental or Pilot Unit?

Our Oxidizer Rentals are available for short, medium, or long term leases. Pilot Rentals are suited for those looking to demonstrate a technology’s effectiveness on their process. Contact our sales team today to discuss the available options.

Rental Oxidizers can be rented for short or long-term planned shutdowns or for emergency repairs