Portable Thermal Oxidizers

Portable Thermal Oxidizers are a great addition to your permanent operating lineup if your facility has frequent shutdowns or needs to address a variety of temporary requirements throughout the year. We also offer Portable Thermal Oxidizer Rentals for short, medium, and long-term use.

Pollution Systems manufactures Portable Thermal Oxidizers used for Tank and Pipeline Degassing before cleaning to provide air treatment when existing pollution control equipment is shut down for new equipment installation or as a temporary air treatment solution for a new process and pilot studies. Thermal Oxidizers capture and destroy harmful gas vapor from tanks or pipelines that carry Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

After removal of the chemicals, solvents, or petrochemicals carried in the tanks, gas vapors remain in the empty tanks. Pollution Systems’ Portable Thermal Oxidizers remove and destroy the VOCs present to prevent the release of harmful vapors into the atmosphere. They are designed for process flexibility and effectively remove vapors containing high or low VOC concentrations while often achieving destruction efficiency above 99%.

Our Portable Thermal Oxidizers feature:

  • Variable waste stream flow rates that are custom to each application’s requirements.
  • Portable operation using trailer-mounted oxidizers. Trailers are DOT-approved, flat-bed trailers.
  • Fans, burner, vaporizer, and combustion chamber manufactured to industry standards and fully insulated to provide safe operation – powered by natural gas or propane.
  • Exhaust stacks are fully insulated with height above grade level for additional safety during discharge.
  • Fully automated system operations include control panels and safety interlocks.
  • Flame trap, inlet manifold, knock-out pot, and dampers ensure safe, efficient processing.
  • Low maintenance operation in outdoor environments. NEMA 4 panels and enclosures designed for outdoor use.

We also offer thermal oxidizer rentals for short, medium, and long-term use.

3D Model Exploration

The 3D model below exhibits a Pollution Systems Rental Thermal Oxidizer. Simply hover your cursor within the frame and use the mouse to rotate and zoom the model.

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Portable Thermal Oxidizers Built to Destroy Your Process Emissions

We can provide a Portable Thermal Oxidizer that quickly and efficiently meets your target requirements during tank & pipeline degassing and other oil and gas operations.

Portable Thermal Oxidizer ready to be hauled to industrial facility