Chlorine Scrubbers

Chlorine is a frequent byproduct of many chemical reactions, and emission control is necessary for continued production. Pollution Systems’ high-quality Chlorine Scrubber will help manufacturers reduce or eliminate emissions of this regulated pollutant.

Why Does Chlorine Need Emission Control?

Efficiency is critical for Chlorine Scrubbers. Chlorine gas is highly toxic. Wet Chlorine Scrubbers may utilize a multi-stage removal approach depending on the initial pollutant loading. An alkaline liquid solution, such as soda ash or caustic, is generally used as a neutralizing agent to strip the chlorine out of the waste stream.

Scrubber Considerations

For Chlorine Scrubbers to work best, they must fit the presented application. A manufacturing process that gives off chlorine gas may have other variables to consider, including temperature, chlorine concentration, and the presence of other particulates or additional chemical constituents. The design of the scrubber system, the chlorine concentration and amount of liquid recirculated, and process conditions, such as temperature and flow rate, affect the removal efficiency capability.

Tailored Chlorine Scrubbers to fit Your Precise Application

Specializing in Chlorine and other Wet Scrubbers, our experienced design team focuses on developing a solution to fit your precise needs and circumstances. Let Pollution Systems design you a custom-built system that will provide outstanding, long-term performance and low maintenance requirements.

Chlorine Scrubbers for HAP and VOC Treatment