Multi-Vane Particulate Scrubbers (MVS)

MVS Scrubbers can successfully treat industrial gas streams with moisture content and high temperatures by using multiple throats in the scrubber design.

How Does a Multi-Vane Scrubber Work?

High-velocity, dirty particle-laden air enters the scrubber’s multi-vane chamber as recycled scrubbing fluid injects from the sump. The impact of the air with water forms a fine mist cloud of water with entrained particulate. The mist cloud exits the chamber and is subjected to intense cyclonic action downstream. The dirty droplets separate from the particle-free airstream due to cyclonic motion, agglomeration, and gravity. The droplets gather near the scrubber walls and then pull into the integral sump due to gravity, where a portion discharges while the rest is recycled. A system fan pulls the clean air out through the stack.

The illustration shown represents a typical Multi-Vane Scrubber system.

A graphic illustration of a White MVS Scrubber, Ductwork, Fan and Stack against a Blue Background.

Diagram of system internal structure shows how dirty industrial exhaust enters the MVS and collides with scrubbing fluid to form droplets prior to being forced through multiple vanes. The vanes force the particulate matter from the droplets, and the clean air exits out of the stack

Benefits of Multi-Vane Scrubbers: Lower Energy, High Reliability

Pollution Systems’ MVS Scrubbers are guaranteed to meet removal requirements with lower energy and higher reliability than many other air pollution control options as there are few moving parts – a fan and a recirculating pump. The high water/air velocities and cyclonic action within the scrubbers resist fouling, making these systems inherently self-cleaning and easy to maintain. Our automated controls package allows the MVS to start up and operate with minimal operator interaction. Pollution Systems’ MVS system can remove particulate (such as PM2.5) at your permitted levels or above 99% from the entire flow of a collection system.

Multi-Vane Scrubber Applications

Pollution Systems’ Multi-Vane Scrubbers maintain consistent, high on-stream performance and are ideal for exhaust streams that contain moisture or sticky particulate. More common industrial applications of MVS Scrubbers include:

3D Model Exploration

The 3D model below exhibits a Pollution Systems Multi-Vane Particulate Scrubber (MVS). Simply hover your cursor within the frame and use the mouse to rotate and zoom the model.

For a better experience, please view on a Desktop computer

Multi-Vane Particulate Scrubbers Engineered For Your Application

Our engineering design team develops intelligent solutions to fit your application and desired destruction rate. Provide us with your process and we will determine if a Multi-Vane Scrubber would be appropriate air control technology for your process.

Multi-vane Scrubber Successfully Abates Food Particulate at Food Processing Facility

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Multi-Vane Scrubber Captures Problematic Particulate at Food Facility

Using a Multi-Vane Scrubber, a food manufacturer abates particulate emissions from their food processing line.

Food Manufacturer Resolves Process Complications With a Multi-Vane Scrubber

A food manufacturer experienced continuous operational issues due to wet, sticky particulates present in their cereal processing application. Pollution Systems designed a Multi-Vane Scrubber to successfully abate the PM build-up with minimal maintenance needs.