Enclosed Flares

Enclosed flares, or Vapor Combustors, are intended for high energy streams and offer economical destruction of high VOC concentrations with no visible external flame.

What is an Enclosed Flare?

An Enclosed Flare (or Vapor Combustor) is an air pollution abatement technology specially configured to handle high VOC streams. The Enclosed Flare can accommodate a high-energy process discharge stream with excess air for combustion. The heat value of the process stream is significant and can potentially provide most of the necessary temperature/energy for destruction.

How do Enclosed Flares Work?

Enclosed flares run steady-state with minimal supplemental natural gas. The energy created by destroying VOCs within the process allows for handling higher BTU-value gases. The process stream acts as fuel for the combustor, and the high-energy exhaust can feed to a boiler for reuse.

Benefits of Enclosed Flare Systems

  • No visible flame compared to traditional flares
  • Typical destruction efficiency above 99%
  • Measurable results on VOC destruction

Common Industry Applications

3D Model Exploration

The 3D model below offers a 360° view of a Pollution Systems Enclosed Flare. Simply hover your cursor within the frame and use the mouse to rotate and zoom the model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enclosed flares are capable of handling batch and continuous type operations.

Pollution Systems offers horizontal and vertical orientations for their enclosed flares, which makes them easy to integrate into an existing process that may have space limitations.

A properly designed enclosed flare should have no visible emissions, including smoke.

Enclosed Flare Systems Made to Fit Your Process

We manufacture vapor combustor systems that are designed with your specific application in mind. Contact us today to discuss your unique situation.

Pollution Systems Enclosed Flare, also referred to as a Vapor Combustor System

Related Case Studies

Enclosed Flare Abates Waste Acid Gas for Midstream Amine Facility

A midstream processor needed an air pollution control solution that could intermittently treat their waste acid gas exhaust during plant shutdowns. The amine facility used an Enclosed Flare to successfully abate these pollutants.

Horizontal Enclosed Flare Abates Hydrocarbons from Recycling Process

A recycling facility installs a Horizontal Enclosed Flare by Pollution Systems to control its hydrocarbon (total & non-methane) emissions and streamline the process.