Green Alternatives

Need air pollution control equipment, but desire a technology that meets your corporate sustainability goals? Pollution Systems tailors each solution to your business and operating needs so we can provide alternatives that make our systems fit your company’s values.

Electric-Powered Air Pollution Control Systems

Pollution Systems offers electric-powered solutions that operate with electricity rather than natural gas. This function allows flexibility in your operations, especially if natural gas is not accessible at your facility.

If your company’s core values stem from sustainability and a cleaner industrial environment for the future, our electric options allow you to reduce fossil fuel usage at your plant; however, if sustainability is the driving force behind choosing an electric-powered APC system, it is worth considering the generation of the electricity, as much of the U.S. grid still relies on the burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity.

The primary system we offer is the Electric Catalytic Oxidizer, which uses the same technology as our standard catalytic oxidizer, but with a slightly different design.

Energy Recovery – Heat Exchangers

Industrial facilities often use a lot of energy to operate their processes. Adding a heat exchanger to your air pollution control equipment can recover excess energy and repurpose it during emission treatment.

Heat exchangers preheat VOC-laden air before it enters the combustion chamber to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs associated with heating your APC system. A heat exchanger or secondary heat exchanger is optional for any oxidizer system. Solutions like our Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers (TO-R) already incorporate a heat exchanger into the system design. Other features, like preheating combustion air or secondary heat exchangers for additional recovery, can save energy too.

A large square heat exchanger being lowered onto a flatbed trailer bed from a crane. Two workers with hardhats are securing it down

Sophisticated Burners – Low NOx and Biodiesel Options

If your facility desires a low NOx, biodiesel, or combination burner, we can tailor our oxidizer technologies to incorporate these options. We have designed alternative burners in oxidizer systems for emerging industries such as transportation electrification, recovery & recycling processes, and microelectronics, which are often sustainability-driven in their capital purchases.

Automated Controls

Our air pollution control equipment comes with automated controls that help with safety to reduce operator interaction. Automated controls also allow for better utilization of resources, alarms when something is not working, and provides proof of compliance through robust data collection. Variable flow control and gas usage ensure the APC system treats what needs to be treated while minimizing utility usage. In scrubbers, water and chemical usage are optimized to meet the permit goals.

Air Pollution Control Solutions to Help With Your Sustainability Goals

Pollution Systems is here to help you meet your overall business goals, including goals. Learn how working with us will allow you to make your valuable products without negatively impacting the environment.

A tan Pollution Systems Electric Catalytic Oxidizer System with the utility boxes.