Electric Catalytic Oxidizers

Electric Catalytic Oxidizers use electricity instead of natural gas to obtain the same destruction rates as the standard technology, but in a more sustainable way.

How does an Electric Catalytic Oxidizer Work?

An Electric Catalytic Oxidizer (ERCO) is a catalytic oxidizer that uses electric heaters instead of gas burners to heat the dirty air to the catalyst operating temperature. Like all catalytic oxidizers, ERCOs use a catalyst to convert Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into carbon dioxide, water vapor, and thermal energy at a lower temperature than other thermal oxidizers. This flameless option makes the ERCO an ideal emissions control system for facilities without ready access to natural gas or those concerned with the potential hazards of gas-burning systems; additionally, the ERCO is a unique solution for companies looking for a more sustainable air treatment technology.

Benefits of Electric Catalytic Oxidizers

The benefits of an ERCO include less harmful emissions, a flexible design footprint, and reduced installation & operating expenses.

  • Reduced Harmful Emissions – A significant benefit of this system is reduced harmful emissions and their contribution to smog, as there are no combustion products of natural gas and no formation of NOx. The creation of CO also significantly reduces to minimal levels.
  • Flexible Unit Design – ERCOs are appropriate systems for facilities with a limited footprint or a desire to place their air pollution control system in a specific location. The design makes it lighter and more compact than traditional oxidizers; it does not occupy much space and can be easily skid or roof-mounted. These units are smaller, require less maintenance due to fewer moving parts, and are more easily accessible than typical thermal oxidizers.
  • Lower Installation and Operating Costs – An ERCO is easy to install when compared to other air pollution control technologies. This system yields lower installation expenses since there is no need for natural gas or the installment of corresponding gas lines. With no burner, facilities don’t have to worry about extensive system maintenance or the required yearly NFPA burner inspections.

Industrial Applications for Electric Catalytic Oxidizers

High Reliability, Improved Sustainability

Pollution Systems manufactures ERCOs to your operating preferences and requirements to provide a solution that offers high reliability, improved sustainability, and an economical lifetime cost of ownership. Contact us to discuss the production factors that are most important to you.

Electric Catalytic Oxidizer on Skid for VOC/HAP Abatement

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