Why Us?

Company History

The founders established the company in 2006 to support the growing need for efficient, intelligent solutions that control industrial emissions. We solve air emission challenges so manufacturers can focus on producing the essential products they provide.  

Our company has two separate business groups: Pollution Systems is committed to designing and building industrial air pollution control (APC) solutions, and PolSys Services provides technical services and aftermarket support for APC equipment. 

As the industrial landscape has evolved, Pollution Systems (PSI) has positioned itself as a resource aiding companies in developing air treatment solutions aligned with their ESG and compliance goals.

Our team is dedicated to helping solve these complex problems and exemplifies our company’s core values in every project undertaken.

Infographic depicting Pollution Systems Core Values of Partnership Approach, Collaborative Teamwork, Trusted Reputation, and Effective Process

Our Story

The environmental landscape has become more stringent and complicated while enforcement has increased. Additionally, successful companies have reduced in-house engineering resources to focus on developing their core products with a limited workforce. These air pollution control (APC) technologies and increasing regulations have been difficult to navigate without external expertise. That’s why Pollution Systems is the intelligent choice– we steer customers through this complicated array of options and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific business and technical needs. Our roots in industrial-grade equipment and service help our clients to have complete support and lifetime satisfaction with their chosen solution.

APC is our core business so you can focus on your core business. We’re here for you to lean on; you can rely on us to handle your APC challenges the RIGHT way, with the RIGHT equipment priced RIGHT so you can go about your business with ease, convenience, and ownership satisfaction – now and in the future.

3 Uniques

Agnostic Applications & Engineering Expertise

We have experience in a wide variety of applications, industries, and air pollution control (APC) systems.

Blue Icon on white background showing circle with head and shoulders of Man with tie inside it superimposed over a gear symbol representing Agnostic Engineering

Diverse Product Portfolio

We custom design, engineer, and build different types of oxidizers, scrubbers, flares, and combination systems.

Blue Icon on white background showing Light Bulb With Four Tools Touching Bulb representing Diverse Product Portfolio

Holistic Design Process

Our systems aren’t off the shelf. We consider each customer’s technical, operational, and business needs, including sustainability, and develop a comprehensive solution that suits their specified application.

Blue Icon on white background with gear symbol superimposed over Magnifying Glass next to 3 scaled arrows pointing at four lines to imply Holistic Design Process


Our Process

Every industry has its unique demands and practices. We approach every opportunity as a partnership instead of a transaction to provide industry-specific solutions. Our technical and business team collaborates with customers to develop a detailed understanding of the distinct challenges presented within their applications. Based on our analysis, we provide comprehensive assessments of suitable technologies that address these challenges while focusing on the total cost of ownership and lifetime satisfaction.

Pollution Systems 4D Design Process: Define, Design, Develop, Deliver

Our 4D Process – Define, Design, Develop, Deliver


Pollution Systems’ Guarantee and Warranty

We guarantee that every system we engineer, design, and manufacture will meet your specified operational & financial goals. Every system sold comes with a warranty to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the provided solution.