Tank & Pipeline Degassing

The growing number of installed Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) and the expansive development of pipelines confirm the substantial need for reliable, high-capacity air control equipment to support these growing industries. One of the necessary processes for storage tank owners and operators is degassing – removing organic gases from a stationary tank or pipeline. Pollution Systems’ abatement technology can successfully treat hazardous vapors and eliminate concurrent odors from these processes and are built with modern, automated controls to complement degassing operations.

Tank Degassing and the Need For Air Pollution Control Equipment

When dealing with empty storage tanks, the gas vapor that remains in the tank requires capture and destruction before the storage tank can be cleaned and reused. The potentially-toxic residual vapors result from the previously contained Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can consist of chemicals, solvents, and petrochemicals. If there is inappropriate execution in the degassing process, the harmful vapor can be expelled into the atmosphere during turnover operations, causing health concerns and compliance issues. Storage tank owners must adhere to regulations and correctly degas storage tanks to avoid non-compliance penalties and a halt in operations.

An Enclosed Flare Abates Industrial Tank Exhaust with High concentrations of VOC

An Enclosed Flare treats tank off-gas containing high concentrations of VOC or HAP

Keep Your Degassing Operations Portable

Due to the nature of these operations, portable air control units are preferred so operations can continue flexibility. Our portable thermal oxidizers and rental units can effectively abate emissions while allowing you mobility.

A Portable Thermal Oxidizer Can Be Moved Around by Truck To Any Tanks or Pipelines Needing Off-Gassing Treatment

Air Pollution Equipment for Tank & Pipeline Degassing

Our oxidizers are ideal for operators who need safe, reliable, portable and easy-to-use degassing systems that are technologically advanced and designed for high-capacity workloads. Enclosed flares and chemical scrubbers can also achieve the desired abatement needs of degassing operations.

A Stainless Steel Chemical Scrubber Abates VOC and HAP From Tanks at a Chemical Plant

A Chemical Scrubber can be used to abate VOC and HAP from chemical tanks

Reduce Tank or Pipeline Downtime

Tank and pipelines operations experience frequent turnaround times due to degassing procedures that must occur before maintenance is done on the tanks or pipelines. Get in touch with our team to determine what abatement solution will minimize interruptions.

A Portable Thermal Oxidizer Hitched to Truck Waits to be Transported To Any Tanks or Pipelines Needing Off-Gassing Treatment