Wet Scrubbers

What is a Wet Scrubber?

A Wet Scrubber is an emission control device that abates particulate (PM) or gases using a scrubbing liquid. The type of scrubbing liquid used is dependent on the target contaminants that need treatment. The dirty exhaust stream is introduced into the scrubber vessel and interacts with the scrubbing liquid. Here, the contaminated stream undergoes a chemical reaction or becomes captured by the scrubbing liquid before blowdown.

Particulate Dust Scrubbers

Particulate Dust Scrubbers are wet scrubbers that target particulate matter and comprises both Venturi and Multi-Vane Scrubber systems. These systems are suitable for processes with fine dust or sticky residues since they use liquid to collect the contaminant in a sump for blowdown.

Venturi Scrubbers Remove HAPs From Cereal Processing Facility

Venturi Scrubbers

Sub-type of particulate dust scrubbers that integrate a venturi throat into the design to accelerate the process exhaust stream, leading to high removal of particulate matter in batch and continuous-type applications.

Full View of Silver Stainless Steel Multi-Vane Venturi Scrubber System Abating Particulate Matter (PM) at a Light Grey Food Processing Plant. A Yellow Road Beside the Scrubber Extends Back to a Parking Lot with a Silver Car. The Scrubber Vessel, Stack and the Grey Building Extends Up Into Grey Cloudy Sky with Some Blue Peaking Through.

Multi-Vane Particulate Scrubbers (MVS)

High-efficiency wet particulate scrubbers that can treat gas streams with moisture and/or high temperatures. They offer higher removal efficiencies using little energy with a relatively small footprint.

Two Gas Scrubbers Provide Odor Control Treatment on Chemical Gases Extracted from Day Tanks

Chemical Gas Scrubbers

These wet scrubbers reliably remove gaseous compounds such as ammonia, chlorine, and sulfuric acid from industrial exhaust streams.

Chip Production Facilities Emit VOCs That Are Successfully Destroyed by Ammonia Scrubbers

Ammonia Scrubbers

Chemical Gas Scrubbers that typically use sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to neutralize the ammonia.

Oil Recycling and Recovery Processes Produce SOX and HCl-laden Exhaust Which Can Be Successfully Treated with Chlorine Scrubbers

Chlorine Scrubbers

Chemical gas scrubbers that use an alkaline scrubbing liquid to strip chlorine from your process waste stream.

A Packed Bed Sulfuric Acid Scrubber Treats Emissions at a Petrochemical Plant

Sulfuric Acid Scrubbers

Chemical Gas scrubbers that use liquid caustic to neutralize sulfur-based substances in your process stream.

Considerations in Wet Scrubber Selection

What is the pollutant you are trying to treat? If it is a chemical such as ammonia, sulfuric acid, or chlorine, you will need to choose a chemical gas scrubber. These scrubbers use packed bed media to distribute the appropriate scrubbing liquid through the dirty exhaust stream so that a chemical reaction can occur to neutralize the contaminant. If multiple pollutants are present, it may require a multi-stage combination system.

In addition to the initial capital cost of a wet scrubber, other control technology considerations include ongoing operating costs (i.e., utilities and maintenance expense), equipment life, and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dry dust collectors equip air filters to capture the pollutants, which require constant changing. The use of liquid in wet scrubbers allow for handling of more difficult contaminants, such as combustible dusts, sticky residues, soluble gases, and fine particulate that is too small for filter capture.

Wet scrubbers are effective for continuous and batch-type operations. Our technical team will work with you to make sure the technology selected can handle your process.

We design our scrubber systems based on the requirements of the project. Depending on the composition of the process stream, a wet scrubber can be constructed from FRP or stainless steel.

Can’t determine what type of Wet Scrubber is best for you?

If you need assistance deciding which scrubber technology is the best fit for your application, reach out to our sales team!

Silver Stainless Steel Wet Scrubber with Piping from White Tanks for Hydrazine Treatment at Chemical Plant. The Scrubber is Lit by the Sun and has a Blue Sky with Grey and White Clouds in the Background.