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Catalytic Oxidizer System on Skid

Discover a Smarter Approach to Air Pollution Control

Effectively solving air emission challenges so manufacturers can focus on producing the essential products they provide.

Why Pollution Systems is the Intelligent Choice

We steer customers through the complicated array of APC options and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific business and technical needs. Our roots in industrial-grade equipment and service help our clients to have complete support and lifetime satisfaction with their chosen solution.

Why Pollution Systems

Have a Pollutant Problem? We’ve Got You Covered.

Does your process have a new pollutant that needs to be removed, but you’re unsure where to start? Our comprehensive guide will help you understand the best technology available for the specific pollutant you need help with.

Commitment Beyond Building Your System

Our system warranty and aftermarket services will ensure you are covered way beyond your purchase of our equipment.

Engineers Examine System Gauges to Insure Perfect Performance at Start-up

System Rentals and Pilot Units

We offer short, medium and long term rentals as well as pilot units to demonstrate proof of technology working well prior to building a full-scale solution.

Skid-mounted Portable Thermal Oxidizer Rentals for Short-term or Emergency Use

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New Site Addition: Interactive 3D Models

Introducing 3D models as a new way to interact with our Air Pollution Control (APC) systems.