New Site Addition: Interactive 3D Models

Introducing 3D models as a new way to interact with our Air Pollution Control (APC) systems.
Still photo of a 3D model for Pollution Systems Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizers followed by a Quench and Venturi Scrubber

A Hands-on Experience for Technical Users

After launching our new website, we wanted to add a feature that allows users to interact with our APC technologies hands-on. Most of Pollution Systems’ users are tech-savvy, and by creating 3D models of our system designs, you can explore the system components in 360° and visualize the equipment for your specific real-world needs.

Thoughtful Design for Envisioning Your Project

The currently available 3D model is for a Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizer followed by a Quench and Venturi Scrubber. The design of the model is mindful of material use, and the components are color-coded so users can conceptualize the main features of the unit. The oxidizer, quench, venturi throat and scrubbing chamber, mist eliminator, as well as fans, flame arrestor, and other minor components are observable in the model.

View the 3D Model

More 3D Models to Come

We plan to provide this interactive feature for all of our systems, including catalytic oxidizers, enclosed flares, and wet scrubbers. These future models will be available for viewing on their corresponding system pages as well as in the document library. Stay tuned!