Case Studies

Full View of a Stainless Steel Multi-Vane Venturi Scrubber System with Stack Capturing Sticky Particulate Matter (PM) at a Large Food Processing Plant. A Dark Yellow Road Runs Beside the Scrubber back to a Parking lot with a Silver Car. Huge Horizontal Stainless Steel Pipes Run Behind the MVS System to the Grey Facility in the Background. The Sky Above is Filled with Large Light Grey Clouds with Some Aqua Blue Sky Showing Through.

Multi-Vane Scrubber Captures Problematic Particulate at Food Facility

Using a Multi-Vane Scrubber, a food manufacturer abates particulate emissions from their food processing line.

Multi-Vane Scrubber

Food Manufacturer Resolves Process Complications With a Multi-Vane Scrubber

A food manufacturer experienced continuous operational issues due to wet, sticky particulates present in their cereal processing application. Pollution Systems designed a Multi-Vane Scrubber to successfully abate the PM build-up with minimal maintenance needs.

Horizontal Enclosed Flare

Enclosed Flare Abates Waste Acid Gas for Midstream Amine Facility

A midstream processor needed an air pollution control solution that could intermittently treat their waste acid gas exhaust during plant shutdowns. The amine facility used an Enclosed Flare to successfully abate these pollutants.

Horizontal Enclosed Flare Model #HCEF-18

Horizontal Enclosed Flare Abates Hydrocarbons from Recycling Process

A recycling facility installs a Horizontal Enclosed Flare by Pollution Systems to control its hydrocarbon (total & non-methane) emissions and streamline the process.

Closeup View of Tan Catalytic Oxidizer with Bright Yellow and Silver Piping and Blue Gauges Sits on a Grey Stainless Steel Platform against a Brown Building. It is a Bright Sunny Day with a Clear Blue Sky.

Catalytic Oxidizer Offers Odor Control for Home Product Manufacturer

A scented home product manufacturer had to proactively solve nuisance odors from their process by using a Catalytic Oxidizer to abate the smells that were bothering the local community.

A Dark Green Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer with a Blue and Yellow Fan and Silver Ductwork Abates all EtO Emissions from a Medical Sterilization Facility. The Oxidizer's Light Green Stack Extends up into a Blue Sky with White Fluffy Clouds on a Bright Sunny Day.

Sterilization Facility Cuts Emissions With Catalytic Oxidizer System

A medical sterilization facility needed to cut ethylene oxide (EtO) emissions from their process stream. Our Catalytic Oxidizer was tailored to their application and was able to offer a >99% DRE.

Pollution Systems Venturi Scrubber Model #VS-3

Venturi Scrubber Removes Sausage Grease From Industrial Cooking Process

Pollution Systems VS-3 Venturi Scrubber effectively removes grease and particulate from air exhaust at meat processing plant.

Pollution Systems High Efficiency Thermal Oxidizer

High Efficiency Thermal Oxidizer Abates Odor For Feed Manufacturer

In order to reduce odors and operating costs, an animal feed manufacturer installed a Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer on their newly increased production line.

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