Aftermarket Services include Full Ceramic Media Replacements for any Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Models

Aftermarket Services

Buying equipment from Pollution Systems is just the beginning of our customer relationship. Not only do we design and build systems using high-quality materials and components, but we also provide technical support and services throughout the lifetime of all of our units.

Rental Thermal Oxidizer CEF-5 available for VOC Treatment


Offering short, medium, and long term Rentals for temporary needs as well as pilot-scale units to demonstrate the technology on your process.

Commissioning Services Performed Pollution Systems Personnel on Newly Installed Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer

New System Commissioning

Start-up and commissioning services for your air pollution control equipment.

Two Members of Pollution Systems’ Engineering Group sit at a round brown table and discuss the Best System Choice for a Customer’s Application Process while looking at drawings

Engineering Consulting

We can assist you in understanding how to collect the necessary information or services needed to move forward with your project.

Need Service?

Have an existing air pollution control system that requires maintenance? Looking for a rental system or engineering support? Reach out to discuss your question or need.

Pollution Systems Provides AfterMarket Engineering and Services Beyond Project Completion

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