Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer systems incorporate a heat exchanger with a combustion chamber. They can handle a wide range of process flow rates and VOC concentrations.

How Does a Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Work?

A Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer integrates a heat exchanger with a combustion chamber. The oxidation process uses combustion to destroy the pollutants and can achieve destruction rates over 99%. The heat exchanger preheats the contaminated air before entering the combustion chamber to reduce energy consumption and minimize operating expenses. The illustration below details how a Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Works: Illustration showing how a Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Works

1. Dirty exhaust gas from the industrial process enters the body of the Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer’s main heat exchanger

2. The exhaust gets preheated while making multiple passes between hot exchanger tubes

3. Preheated exhaust from the exchanger enters the oxidizer chamber where it is heated by a burner to the required temperature to achieve the target DRE

4. Extremely hot, clean gas re-enters the heat exchanger to preheat the incoming dirty exhaust

5. The clean gas that leaves the heat exchanger still contains usable heat energy and enters a secondary heat exchanger

6. Forced fresh air enters the secondary heat exchanger where it is heated, and the used elsewhere in the industrial process

7. Induced Draft pulls the cooler clean air out of the Recup TO and towards the stack

8. The clean air travels up the stack and is returned to the atmosphere

Pollution Systems’ Recup TO designs can include energy-saving options like preheated combustion air, a secondary heat exchanger, and sophisticated burner controls.

Benefits of Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

  • Ideal for Moderate VOC concentrations
  • Suitable for secondary heat recovery
  • Able to achieve destruction efficiency over 99%
  • Mitigate odiferous compounds
  • Capable of thermal efficiency up to 80%

Common Applications

Industrial processes where recuperative thermal oxidizers are applied include:

3D Model Exploration

The 3D model below represents a Pollution Systems Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer (TO-R). Simply hover your cursor within the frame and use the mouse to rotate and zoom the model.

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Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers For Industrial Emissions

Our recuperative thermal oxidizers are designed specifically around your industrial manufacturing process. Let us build you a reliable air control solution that effectively meets your operational goals with ease.

VOC Abatement by Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer for Chemical Processing Industry

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