Ammonia Scrubbers

Ammonia is present in many industrial manufacturing processes, and emission control is critical to avoid plant downtime. Pollution Systems designs chemical scrubbers that use sulfuric acid (H2SO4) to neutralize the ammonia in your waste stream.

Why Does Ammonia Require Emission Control?

Ammonia is a colorless gas made of nitrogen and hydrogen with a strong distinguishable odor that occurs naturally in air, soil, and water; it is a byproduct of the normal biological processes of humans and animals. Ammonia is poisonous if inhaled in high quantities and irritates the eyes, nose, and throat if exposed in lesser amounts. Ammonia can be explosive when mixed with air in certain proportions (~one volume of ammonia to two volumes of air), so safety should be considered when processing high volumes.

Ammonia Scrubbers remove pollutants via a chemical reaction unlike Particulate Scrubbers, which inject liquid into the gas stream. Ammonia Scrubbers have proven effective at removing ammonia from exhaust streams using this method.

Ammonia Scrubber Systems

In the case of Ammonia Scrubbers, dilute sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is typically used to neutralize the ammonia. The resulting byproduct (a form of salt) is collected and removed through the wastewater blow-down, as the treated air stream is exhausted through the stack.

Efficiency is critical for Ammonia Scrubbers. Due to its toxicity, ammonia gas is a regulated compound that requires treatment below established limits before it releases into the atmosphere.

Ammonia Scrubbers must fit the application at hand to operate correctly. Several variables can be involved, including:

  • The presence of other chemicals or particulates in the exhaust stream
  • The temperature and flow rate of the waste stream
  • The initial concentration of ammonia in the waste stream

What Industrial Processes Emit Ammonia?

Many manufacturing processes emit ammonia including battery testing, fertilizer manufacturing, digestate dewatering, medical/space grade silicone production, and refrigeration facilities.

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Tailored Ammonia Scrubbers to fit Your Precise Application

Specializing in Ammonia and other Wet Scrubbers, our experienced design team focuses on developing a solution to fit your precise needs and circumstances. Let Pollution Systems design you a custom-built system that will provide outstanding, long-term performance and low maintenance requirements.

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