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Case Studies

The case studies below detail the design, development and installation of a sample of the air pollution control solutions we have provided for our customers. Please contact us for more details on any of our specific product or service offerings.

Document Name Description Read More
Download Ethanol Plant Modifications Result in Capacity Increase Air control modifications lead to increased capacity for an Ethanol Plant Read More
Download Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility Catalytic Oxidizer Technology Chosen for Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility Read More
Download High Efficiency Thermal Oxidizer Feed Manufacturer Installs High-Efficiency Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer for Odor Control and Production Increase Read More
Download Venturi Scrubber Removes Sausage Grease Pollution Systems VS-3 Venturi Scrubber effectively removes grease and particulate from air exhaust at meat processing plant. Read More
Download EtO Sterilization Case Study Sterilization Facility Cuts EtO Emissions and Operating Costs using Enhanced Recuperative Catalytic Oxidizer. Read More

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