Automotive Thermal Oxidizers

Components manufactured for the automotive industry require coating with specialized paints and coatings that can withstand harsh environments within engines or outdoors.  The application and curing of the coatings generates Volatile Organic Compound’s (VOC’s) and particulate-laden residue that must be eliminated before releasing it into the atmosphere. Pollution Systems offers thermal oxidizers that can eliminate this waste from the exhaust.

Automotive Industry Pollution Systems

Regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO’s) use combustion to destroy the residue left from the coating process. They are most effective for vapors with low VOC. Regenerative thermal oxidizers are energy-efficient as they use ceramic media to capture and re-use most of the heat from combustion to pre-heat the incoming process exhaust.

Heat recovery equipment uses heat exchangers and blowers to capture the heated air from oxidizers and convert it to energy that can be used to reduce energy costs for running ovens, heaters and oxidizers. Use of Pollution Systems’ heat recovery equipment can generate significant savings in energy costs.

Pollution Systems offers a line of ceramic media which is resistant to plugging and reduces pressure drop across the media bed. We provide turn-key solutions to replace ineffective ceramic media in an existing RTO. Pollution Systems will remove the existing media, repair the equipment, replace the media with new material, clean the site and bring the equipment back on line. Generally, this is accomplished with crews working around the clock in order to reduce the overall system downtime.       

Pollution Systems’ custom designs can provide you with a thermal oxidizer and heat recovery system to meet the specifications of your automotive component coating application. We have designed, manufactured and installed oxidizers for coating applications for the automotive industry and have the skills and experience to design an efficient, cost-effective solution for your automotive coating application


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